NFL  legend Tom Brady and South Carolina coach Dawn Staley

NFL legend Tom Brady and South Carolina coach Dawn Staley

The Netflix special “The Roast of Tom Brady, AKA The Greatest Roast of All Time,” was a popular hit with fans everywhere. The live event on Sunday night saw the NFL’s winningest quarterback allow himself to get roasted for three hours straight.

The former Michigan Wolverines quarterback was mercilessly roasted by celebrities such as comedians Kevin Hart, Jeff Ross and Nikki Glaser, with former New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick closing out the roast.

On Thursday, South Carolina Gamecocks coach Dawn Staley posted about the show on X with hilarious advice to her followers.

“Am! If you have time, watch the “The Roast of Tom Brady” it is GOODT! Not with the kids though!” Staley wrote.

Tom Brady gets roasted by former teammates

Tom Brady was not only the target of comedians and media personalities, but he was also relentlessly mocked by former teammates and a former coach from his long stay in the NFL.

Former New England Patriots wide receiver Randy Moss (2007-2010) was Brady’s first teammate to pile on, referencing the highly controversial “Deflategate” scandal that rocked the NFL.

“Before I got to the New England Patriots, we heard about Spygate. Then after I left, we heard about Deflategate,” Randy Moss said. “So I only got one question for you, Tom: ’Why the f— didn’t we cheat when I was there?! I wanted to cheat, too. My kids always ask me, ‘Daddy, why does everyone have a ring but you?’ You know how hard it is to look your kids in the eyes and say, ‘They just don’t trust me enough to cheat’?”

Drew Bledsoe, who was replaced as starting quarterback by Brady for the New England Patriots, also got in on the act, roasting his former teammate.

“A lot of people assume I have a lot of animosity toward Tom Brady,” Bledsoe said. “So I’m here tonight in front of millions of people to tell you — they’re correct.”

The night was capped off with a special from Brady’s former coach Bill Belichick, with whom he won six of his seven Super Bowls, making him the winningest quarterback the game has ever seen.

“People have said it — Tom and I butted heads a lot,” Belichick said. “And in a way that was true. But it was hard to butt heads with Tom — because he was so far up Alex Guerrero’s a**.”

The roast was brutal for the media-savvy Tom Brady, as the comedians heavily touched on his divorce from his ex-wife GiselleBundchen,n which happened in 2022 after 13 years of marriage.