Indiana Fever rookie Caitlin Clark continues to be a huge attraction for the WNBA, with fans and media keenly watching her every move on the court.

While the 22-year-old appears unphased by the attention and pressure she faces while playing, there is something that Clark does have to battle through from time to time.

Indiana Fever guard Caitlin Clark

Clark and her migraines

Clark has suffered from migraines since she was young. However, she has learned how to manage them while playing basketball.

The issue came up during Indiana’s game over the Phoenix Mercury. The Fever secured an 88-82 victory, with Clark almost recording the team’s first triple-double with a stat line of 15 points, 12 assists and nine rebounds.

After the game Clark talked about her migraine attacks and how she managed them while out on the court.

“Adrenaline is a lot of it for me, once the game stops, that’s when I really feel it,” said Clark. “It’s hard, but honestly, I’ve suffered from them since I was a very young kid, so I found a way to manage it and still go about my business.”

While adrenaline helps Clark when she is out on the court, she admits things change once the game is over.

“Everybody around me knows that’s what I deal with, and there’s a lot bigger problems in the world, I’m lucky mine is just migraines, so I could have a lot worse things to deal with,” Clark said.

“Phoenix had a great crowd, a great environment. The lights in there were crazy, the music was crazy, so that certainly didn’t help. But, I mean, I honestly think it’s adrenaline that gets me through most games.”

Clark and the Fever

While the Fever came out on top over the Mercury on Sunday, they failed to carry that momentum over to their next game, falling 88-69 to the Las Vegas Aces on Tuesday night.

Next up for Clark and her teammates is a clash with the New York Liberty on Saturday, July 6.