Is Caitlin Clark the new Tiger Woods?

Iowa Hawkeyes senior guard Caitlin Clark surpassed former Washington Cougar Kelsey Plum’s NCAA women’s record as she scored 49 points against Michigan to get to 3,569 total points. As a result, the hype surrounding her is at an all-time high.

Iowa v Maryland

Sports media personality Jason Whitlock called her the “new Tiger Woods” while responding to a question on X about where Clark stands in the all-time debate.

That is definitely some high praise, as Whitlock calls Clark one of the most influential women in sports today, as she looks to win her first NCAA Championship.

Is it fair to compare Caitlin Clark to Tiger Woods?

Jason Whitlock called Clark the most influential, important and interesting woman in sports right now, It is difficult to argue with how many eyeballs she is drawing to NCAA women’s basketball and the level of excellence she is playing with.

Tiger Woods: Biography, Golfer, Professional Athlete

Tiger Woods elevated the game of golf to a point where it even reached the pop culture realm. While this is something that could happen with women’s college basketball and we are just at the beginning stages of it, that comparison may be a bit lofty when dissecting it a bit further. Woods would dominate every big event, and while Clark has not shied away from the pressure, it is difficult to compare an individual to a team sport.

In terms of becoming the undisputed face of an entire sport, the comparison between Tiger Woods and Caitlin Clark makes sense. Outside of that, in terms of influence or significance, it is a little more far-fetched.