The REAL Reason WNBA Players HATE Caitlin Clark…

Bill Maher believes Caitlin Clark’s sexuality and race have played a big role in the way her fellow WNBA players have treated her since joining the league earlier this year.

During Friday’s episode of “Real Time with Bill Maher,” the political commentator, 68, lambasted Clark’s opponents — and her own teammates — for seemingly drawing a target on her back despite her positive impact on the WNBA, the NY Post reports.

“Women’s basketball got on my radar — like everybody’s — because of Caitlin Clark,” he explained. “And the other girls and the league are delighted for her success … I’m joking of course. They f***ing hate her.”

Maher brought up the controversial moment Chicago Sky star Chennedy Carter hip-checked Clark during an inbound play earlier this month as an example.

The comedian claimed there is an undeniable “racial element” to how the Indiana Fever rookie has been treated.

“It’s not always racism when a white person succeeds,” he argued against claims Clark, 22, is only popular because she is caucasian.

However, his guest, Matt Welch, argued that the athlete’s physical play cannot automatically be deemed racially charged given the same thought process.

“It’s also not always racism when black people hip-check them either,” he gently countered. “Both are at play. I think it’s natural for a megastar to come in and people say, ‘I’m kind of tired of hearing about it.’”