The W in Designer ’24: A Source for Top Summer Trends

As the discussion of style in the WNBA continues to grow, tunnel outfits offer a strong opportunity for that player-to-fan connection by proving that players are ‘just like us.’ In recent seasons, their tunnel outfits have strongly reflected the viral accessories, style trends, and aesthetics that dominate social media.

Now, 40% of people between the ages of 25 and 34 have cited social media as their source of style inspiration. With the average age of a WNBA player reported at 27.3, it is highly likely that these players and their stylists are shaping their next outfits from online inspiration. From using ties as accessories to pairing open shirts with bras, each of the trends that these players select makes sense for athletes– placing new, contemporary twists on classic, formal athlete pre-game looks.

By keeping up with the latest trends, the visual synchronicity between players’ styles and exciting styles on social media strengthens their status as authentic influencers. These women confirm that they’re on the pulse of style, ready to inspire their record-breaking followers and fans across their platforms.

Ahead of WNBA All-Star Weekend, discover how the players have represented top summer trends in their tunnel outfits:


Dearica Hamby, Victoria Vivians, Tiffany Mitchell and Courtney Williams

The tie evokes historical moments and celebrations for players, so it’s fun when players are able to wear them as accessories. While Dearica Hamby and Courtney Williams pair their tie with more casual clothing, Victoria Vivians and Tiffany Mitchell commit to a more formal look with contrasting mini skirts.



Monique Billings, Diamond DeShields, Stefanie Dolson and Jordan Horston

While most players still wear snazzy sneakers, this season has seen the rise of slouchy white socks and shiny loafers. Pairing their loafers with more relaxed summer clothing, Monique Billings, Diamond DeShields, Stephanie Dolson, and Jordan Horston bring this polished footwear choice to the tunnel.



Nika Mühl, Sophie Cunnungham, Alanna Smith and Marina Mabrey

With sports bras as an obvious option for tunnel outfits, players have stepped up this styling by wearing bras with interesting cuts and open, buttoned shirts or jackets. While Nika Mühl and Sophie Cunningham wear pants with this combination for extra contrast, Alanna Smith and Marina Mabrey pursue color coordination with skirts or shorts.



Monique Billings, Kahleah Copper, NaLyssa Smith, Rae Burrell

Handmade or D.I.Y. fashion like crochet brings a soft, playful edge to players’ tunnel outfits. While Monique Billings centers her outfit around a crocheted skirt, players like Kahleah Copper, NaLyssa Smith and Rae Burrell select crochet accessories for a contrast against their sleek apparel.



Liz Dixon, Isabelle Harrison, Olivia Nelson-Ododa, Napheesa Collier

Corset tops have been all the rage this season, but Liz Dixon and Isabelle Harrison have taken a bold approach by pairing them with shiny, scrunched pants. On the end of the style spectrum, some players like Olivia Nelson-Ododa and Napheesa Collier wear corsets with loose, formal pants.


WNBA reporter Kirsten Chen writes a lifestyle & fashion column on throughout the season and can be reached on Twitter through @hotgothwriter. The views on this page do not necessarily reflect the views of the WNBA or its clubs