VIDEO: Social Media Lip Readers Caught Angel Reese Making An Extremely Jealous Comment About Her Boyfriend While Sitting Courtside At Knicks Game

Photos of Angel Reese at Knicks game

Angel Reese (Photos via @WNBA/Twitter)
Lip readers on social media reckon they caught Angel Reese making a very jealous comment while sitting in the crowd during Friday night’s game between the New York Knicks and New Jersey Nets.

Reese was in the building when the Knicks beat the Nets 111-107 at Madison Square Garden and was acknowledged by the broadcast at one point.

The camera would also pan to the former LSU star while she was checking her phone, and it appears she saw something that got her peeved.

A video posted by the WNBA account shows her leaning towards someone else and saying something. Online lip readers believe she asked, “Why she always in my man likes?

It does seem like that was exactly what she said, though one can never be completely sure.

Check it out and decide for yourself…

“why she always in my man likes???” questions that need

Angel Reese hooked up with Florida State guard Cam’Ron Fletcher last year, but it’s believed their relationship is over, as the former Tigers forward claimed she was single while speaking in an IG Live video before March Madness.

Yeah, I’m single,” she said. “I don’t got no man. Don’t attach me to no man. That’s all I’mma say. That’s it.

I do what’s best for me, that’s it,” she added. “I’m the catch! Let’s not get it twisted.

So, was she complaining about another woman liking her partner’s photos? Maybe she’s back with Fletcher or has moved on with someone else? We have no idea.

Meanwhile, Reese is headed to the pros after deciding to forego her last year of college eligibility. She made the announcement shortly after LSU lost to Iowa in the Elite Eight, and it appears the WNBA is eagerly awaiting.