Sydney Affolter and Kylie Feuerbach the threw first pitches.

Sydney Affolter and Kylie Feuerbach the threw first pitches.

The Iowa Hawkeyes stars Kylie Feuerbach and Sydney Affolter attended the annual Golden Herkeys Award. The two were seen throwing first pitches at an Iowa Hawkeyes baseball game.

The Hawkeyes played against the Kentucky Wildcats and won the game 4-3 at Duane Banks Field. Feuerbach and Affolter threw the first pitches at the game.Affolter won the Women’s Breakthrough Athlete Award at the Golden Herekys and Kylie and other teammates were three to support her.Kylie Feuerbach expressed her happiness for participating in the Hawkeys NCAA tournament run

Kylie could not participate in Iowa games in the 2022 season because of sustaining an ACL tear. However, she participated in the 2023-2024 season and she was also a key contributor as the Hawkeyes won their third straight Big Ten Tournament title and punched their ticket to their second consecutive trip to the NCAA Tournament final.

“This year was just as special, for sure, and it was nice to be able to get on the court and be playing,” Feuerbach said as per Shaw Local. “Getting the experience last year, going into it this year we knew what to expect – there’s just a lot going on all the time during the tournament – and I think that helped us a lot.”

“I would honestly say that I was a little more composed this year because I knew I was going to be playing. My nerves were a little more controlled.

Last year, as basically just a spectator, you get more wrapped up into the game and take things more seriously because you’re really able to get into it and see everything. I really think it was cool to see both sides of it the last two years.”

Kylie Feuerbach averaged 2.6 points and 1.3 rebounds in 13.9 minutes per game. She will replace Gabbie Marshall, who has entered graduate school, as a defensive stopper.