LSU head coach Kim Mulkey has revealed what she said to Iowa star point guard Caitlin Clark during their handshake-line interaction on Monday night.

Mulkey watched Clark eviscerate her Tigers with a 41-point performance that halted their title defense and sent them packing.

Clark made sure to put last season’s final disappointment behind her with an inspired outing against the team that beat her and the Hawkeyes a little over a year ago.

Mulkey and Clarke were seen sharing an embrace and a laugh after the game, though the coach has been accused of being a bit too rough with the player given that she pulled her down to hug her.

Speaking to reporters in her post-game presser, Mulkey claimed she told Clark she’s glad she’s leaving college basketball.

“I sure am glad you leaving. Girl, you something else. Never seen anything like it,” she said smiling.

Kim Mulkey on what she told Caitlin Clark in the handshake line: “I sure am glad you leaving. Girl, you something else. Never seen anything like it.” 😅

VIDEO: We Now Know Exactly What Kim Mulkey Said To Caitlin Clark During Their Aggressive Embrace After LSU-Iowa Game

“I don’t have respect for how Mulkey acts off the court and on the bench, but you can’t deny that she is a genius of the game and a great coach. Gained a lot of respect for her after this interview, she is not a sore loser in any way,” one fan commented in response to this.

“I’m glad to see the players and coaches remained respectful, while being competitive. Women’s basketball is doing great things on the big stage, and the viewership numbers are going up, big time. There’s no reason to taint it with cheap or petty stuff,” another wrote.

You can see some more reactions here:

“Lmao Kim a real one”

“Mulkey was gracious in her praise of Clark . Good on kim”

“I bet she’s not the only coach that’s glad she’s graduating and moving”

“On to the WNBA😁”

“Not a fan. But she was all class.”

Kim Mulkey Has Had A Rough Few Days

Apart from the criticism she’s been receiving over her coaching style, Kim Mulkey was the subject of a bombshell report from The Washington Post last weekend claiming she treated gay and overweight players poorly both at Baylor and LSU.

The HC claimed she hadn’t read the report as of Saturday but would be seeking legal action if there was anything said about her that wasn’t true.

Mulkey has since had several of her former players speak up in her defense.

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