Spelling the name of the best, most recognizable player should pretty easy right? Especially when it’s just seven letters.

Caitlin Clark, who most refer to as “Caitlin” at this point, has had her name misspelled by many on or offline.

Clark herself says that’s nothing new:

Caitlin Clark is good at basketball (@CCisgoodatbball) / X

“Especially when I was younger people would spell my name wrong,” Clark said. “I would say my spelling is probably the least common of the three ways to spell it.”

In fairness to whose who can’t spell Caitlin correctly, there are 15 different ways to spell it.

“I get the Kaitlyn or Caitlyn a lot,” Clark said.

Her teammates notice it as well.

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“I see it misspelled every day which is shocking,” Kate Martin said.

As to why it is so difficult, associate head coach Jan Jensen thinks she has the answer.

“Sometimes I think some of the haters do it on purpose,” Jensen said.

“Look at any social media and you can see how to spell it,” Martin said. “I’ll just encourage people — maybe they don’t know how read or write.”

Outspoken journalist David Eickholt has a strong opinion towards those who can’t get it right:

“The people that can’t spell her name also complain about she’s being talked about too much,” Eickholt said. “Clearly she’s not being talked about enough, so people still don’t know how to spell her name.”

Whether you can or can’t spell Caitlin, Clark herself has no hard feelings.

“People sometimes struggle with it but it’s all good, it’s a hard name to spell I guess.”

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These young Hawkeye fans figured out a creative way to spell Caitlin Clark’s name: Use an “8.” (Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images)