This has been the biggest and most prominent WNBA season ever with a renewed interest in the league from around the world, and Caitlin Clark and Angel Reese are a very biog part of why.

Caitlin Clark and Diana Taurasi hold their hands on their hips and smile.

They faced off against one another at college level and their rivalry was inevitable going to be carried into the professional game, and that is exactly what has happened.

They are on opposite sides right now, with Clark playing for Indiana Fever and Reese representing the Chicago Sky. Whilst their disdain for one another has surely been overhyped to an extent, it is clear that they are not friends.

The chance to see Reese and Clark together

Much like the Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi rivalry in soccer, it would be fascinating to see how they would act if they were both on the same team.

At the 2024 All-Star game, that could happen. The rivalry has been largely carried out on social media by the fan bases of the two players and teams, and many of them actually hate the idea of seeing these two great players alongside each other.

What is for sure is that people will be watching. The Indiana Fever and the Chicago Sky have set a new milestone for the WNBA, drawing the largest game audience in 23 years.

This remarkable achievement marks the second consecutive week that a matchup between these two teams has captivated viewers nationwide, showcasing the league’s rising popularity.

On Tuesday, ESPN reported a viewership audience of 2.3 million and an audience peak of 3.3 million for the Sky’s nail-biting 88-87 win over the Fever.