Caitlin Clark is projected to be the overall pick in 2024’s draft.

Caitlin Clark

The WNBA Draft is almost upon us and here are the all important details in order to watch just exactly when the Iowa Hawkeye‘s Caitlin Clark and LSU Tigers‘ Angel Reese will be selected to enter the top level of women’s basketball.

Clark lost the national championship game to the South Carolina Gamecocks, but she has had her 22 shirt retired by the Hawkeyes after a legendary college career that culminated with a record-breaking season in 2023/24 during which she averaged 31 points per game.

Angel Reese shows off new grill and hair choice for WNBA Draft night

Reese enters as an NCAA Women’s Division I champion after winning the 2023 title game against the Hawkeyes with the LSU Tigers and arrives as only of the most anticipated prospects with Shaquille O’Neal serving as one of her mentors.

The draft order is determined through a lottery system for teams that did not make the playoffs, while the remaining teams are ordered based on their regular-season records.

Eligible players typically include college seniors, international players, and underclassmen who declare for the draft.

Each team selects players in a predetermined number of rounds, with the order reversing in each subsequent round, for example, the Indiana Fever have the first pick but for the second round they will go last. Drafted players have the opportunity to sign contracts and join their respective WNBA teams for the upcoming season.

What date is the WNBA Draft 2024?

The WNBA Draft will take place on Monday, April 15 and will be announced by the WNBA Commissioner, Cathy Engelbert.

Where is the WNBA Draft 2024?

The Fever will get the first pick of the night underway at the Brookyln Academy of Music, located in New York City, approximately 11.6 miles away from Central Park.

What time is the WNBA Draft 2024?

The WNBA Draft 2024 will begin at 19:30 ET, with the WNBA Countdown commencing at 19:00 ET.