Honey, the day of reckoning is all here with us y’all. Beyonce and Jay-Z are putting up a united front in the public eye.

But if the word on the street is anything to go by, they’re both locked in a personal fight behind the scenes that may lead to divorce.

Both of their teams are allegedly leaking info about what’s happening , with Byonce’s team saying that she’s the one pulling the plug, and Jay-Z’s team saying he is the one who is fed up with the connection.

Regardless of who is pulling the plug, the bottom line is a divorce is on the way, allegedly.

So, as per to what most people have observed, you can clearly see in their eyes that Jay Z and Beyonce are not in love,Especially when it comes to Beyoncé.

It’s like she’s not into him anymore and there’s really no love in her eyes.