Taylor Swift has already made a place for herself in the Chiefs Kingdom. Be it bonding with her boyfriend Travis Kelce‘s family or hanging out with his QB teammate’ better half,  the singer slowly warmed the fans to her unexpected entry into the NFL. Patrick Mahomes‘ mother is another ‘Swiftie’ who has often complimented the popstar’s relationship with the Chiefs’ tight end and defended her against the hate.

In a recent video, Swift is seen talking about the inspiration behind her 2014 hit, ‘Shake It Off.’ The singer reveals how she received a lot of ridicule online about her awkward dancing at award shows. So, instead of letting the criticism get to her, she channeled it into her song, where she talks about not letting the hate affect oneself. “All over the internet, it was like, “Taylor Swift looks awkward when she dances.”  And so the way I handled that now, like that criticism, is I wrote a song, ‘Shake It Off.’”

Randi, who’s previously confessed to being a Swift fan, reposted the video on her Instagram story and had some words of encouragement of her own. She wrote, “I love this! Shake it off girl.”