Kelce is thought to be contemplating retirement

Jason Kelce

The legendary Los Angeles Laker and NBA star, Shaquille O’Neal has offered his advice to the Philadelphia Eagles‘ Jason Kelce about how to handle retirement as the NFL champion reportedly questions his future in the sport following the Eagles‘ 32-9 defeat to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFC Wild Card round, following a late capitulation in the NFC East.

Kelce, now aged 36, may bow out from the sport following the disappointing end to the season to pursue other interests such as his New Heights podcast with his brother, Travis, or a coaching career but is adamant he would like to remain involved with football.

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In what is a big decision to make, the seven-time Pro Bowler has found support through the form of O’Neal, who admitted he made a lot of mistakes after retiring from the NBA and encouraged Kelce to focus on spending time with those he loves.

“My advice to you is if you are going to retire, accept it, (and) enjoy your family brother,’ O’Neal said on The Big Podcast. “I made a lot of dumb mistakes to where I lost my family and I didn’t have anybody.

“That’s not the case for you. So enjoy your beautiful wife. Enjoy your beautiful kids, and never dwell on what we had. What we had is what we got.”

Shaq’s post-career disasters

Kelce has a wife (Kylie) and three daughters called Wyatt Elizabeth, Elliotte Ray and Bennett Llewellyn after he got married in 2018 but has also managed to retain his partying lifestyle in what appears to be a successful marriage from the outside.

This is a stark contrast to the four-time NBA champion who described himself as a serial cheater and lost his wife to divorce in 2011 after the pair had six children together, admitting the decisions he made has left him feeling lonely.

“You got the ring,” O’Neal added. “People know who you are. Enjoy.

“Because again, I was an idiot and I’ve talked about it a long time, I lost my whole family. I’m in a 100,000 square foot house by myself.”

Kelce is linked to a move to broadcasting as a pundit/analyst and it’s claimed that Amazon, NBC and CBS would all be keen to bring him onboard if he chooses to do so.

Kelce had previously spoken with ESPN and Fox and has previously worked for Amazon’s Thursday Night Football show.