By now Swifties have surely seen those viral clips of Travis Kelce serenading Taylor Swift with a remix of “You Belong With Me” at the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl after-party. The tender moment took place after Kelce heard the song and rushed to the DJ booth, where he belted the lyrics to a beaming Swift in the crowd. But what if I told you there’s a second, somehow even sweeter clip of Swift and Kelce talking to DJ Andrew Taggart of The Chainsmokers about the romantic gesture?

Taylor Swift Calls Travis Kelce's Serenade 'Most Romantic Thing Ever'

Footage of the exchange just surfaced on TikTok thanks to Taggart’s model girlfriend, Mari Fonseca. In the snippet, Swift can be heard saying, “That was the most romantic thing ever.”

Kelce then tells Taggart, “You played it, and I was literally coming out of the bathroom. I’m like, ‘Yes!’ It was perfect timing.” Which prompts Swift to add, “And we met in the middle, and I was like, what is happening in my life right now?” Kelce even gives Swift a smooch on the cheek while she’s talking.

Travis Kelce's Defiant Speech at Chiefs Super Bowl Parade Mentions Taylor  Swift - BVM Sports

Should you need to jog your memory (doubtful), here’s a clip from The Chainsmokers’ TikTok showing Kelce singing along and searching for Taylor Swift in the crowd.

Also at the club with Swift and Kelce that night? Her parents. “Accidentally going clubbing with your parents is something everyone should try at least once in their life,” the 34-year-old sarcastically captioned a TikTok video of herself sitting in a booth next to her dad Scott and her mom Andrea. “Bring your parents, they said,” she wrote over the clip, in which she looks around awkwardly. A classic.

Taylor Swift Calls Travis Kelce's Serenade 'Most Romantic Thing Ever'