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Patrick Mahomes, the NFL superstar, has a well-known love for golf. He was introduced to the sport by his father, former MLB pitcher Pat Mahomes Sr. In a heartfelt interview on the Got It From My Momma Podcast, Randi Mahomes, the mother of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, shared touching stories that highlighted her unwavering support for her son, even as he reached the peak of his NFL career.

Despite Patrick‘s status, Randi’s steadfast support remained a constant in his life, exemplifying the enduring bond between a mother and her child. Randi’s recent statements about Patrick further focus on how she is still needed by him to do certain tasks.

Patrick Mahomes: Still dependent on Mama Mahomes

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Recounting moments from Patrick’s journey to adulthood, Randi fondly remembered how he would often turn to her for help. And this includes seeking her help with seemingly ordinary tasks like booking golf tee times during her time working at a golf course.

She said in the interview, “I’ve seen other things on TV and stuff like when you’re like an empty nester and your kids move away and like Patrick for a long time because I worked at a golf course, and he would need me you said laundry he would need me to make golf tee times for him. And and I mean he had won MVP of the Super Bowl and he was like, hey Mom, can you see if that club get me on.”

She further said, “I mean I’ve worked in the golf industry for so long like absolutely. But I’m like absolutely I can he’s like well I mean I called which he didn’t say who he was or had you know and they said they were full and I really want to play there you know. I was like oh I got you then, he’s like he was always like you got me on.” 

Randi’s willingness to go above and beyond for her son, whether it was leveraging her connections in the golf industry or simply lending a helping hand with everyday tasks, underscored the depth of their relationship. Through her candid revelation, Randi provided a touching glimpse into the personal side of Patrick Mahomes and his love for golf.

Golf: A constant presence in Mahomes’ off-season routine

Despite joining the NFL, Mahomes has continued to nurture his passion for golf, incorporating it into his offseason plans and travels. He shares, “Golf has become a huge part of everything, When I plan trips, when I set up my off-season, I have to figure out places to play when I’m there.” For Mahomes, golf serves as both a competitive outlet and a source of relaxation, providing him with a balance amidst the demands of his football career.

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Mahomes is dedicated to improving his golf skills, As per with a reported handicap of 7.7, placing him among the top players in the field. Known for his powerful drives, Mahomes boasts an impressive driving game, showcasing his athleticism and precision on the fairway. Although he continues to refine his putting skills, Mahomes approaches the green with confidence and a focus on precision.

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As Mahomes prepares for events like The Match, his impressive skills on the golf course add another layer to his already remarkable athletic abilities.