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The “1587” Kansas City Chiefs combination of quarterback Patrick Mahomes and tight end Travis Kelce is still in action, but this time, in the form of a restaurant.

On Thursday, Mahomes and Kelce announced that they will be opening their own steakhouse called 1587 Prime. The restaurant is projected to open in early 2025 at the Loews Hotel in downtown Kansas City.

The Chiefs duo is working with Noble 33, a Las Vegas-based restaurant franchise, to give visitors the experience of how Mahomes and Kelce eat while on the road.

“Travis and I have become frequent visitors of Noble 33 restaurants in other cities, so it only made sense to bring something special to our own community in Kansas City,” Mahomes said in a news release.

The restaurant’s name was inspired by their jersey numbers, 15 and 87.

Tosh Berman, the co-founder of Noble 33, said Kelce’s and Mahomes’ loyalty drove the creation of 1587 Prime. Noble 33 will take charge of creating the menu, restaurant experience and design.

“Noble 33 is leading the development of the design, experience, menu and operation, but conceptually, Patrick and Travis’ involvement and input has been instrumental,” Berman said.

“Both of them are longtime regulars of our other restaurants, so a great starting point was bringing elements they loved from those experiences and abstracting them in an original way for 1587 Prime.”

Noble 33 is also looking to make 1587 Prime a chain restaurant by expanding to other prominent cities.