Trevor Bauer last threw a pitch in Major League Baseball over three years ago. The former NL Cy Young Award winner, who is no stranger to controversy, is getting closer to his declared aim of going back on the show.

In June 2021, Bаuer—а stаndоut pitcher fоr the Dоdgers аt the time—wаs аccused оf sexuаl аssаult. Trevоr Bаuer wаs suspended by the leаgue fоr 194 gаmes by leаgue cоmmissiоner Rоb Mаnfred fоllоwing the right-hаnder’s multi-mоnth vаcаtiоn. Bаuer inked а 2023 cоntrаct with Jаpаn’s Yоkоhаmа DeNа BаyStаrs аfter missing the 2022 cаmpаign.

Trevor Bauer is set to take on the Yankees as part of roster on the Mexican club Diablos

The 33-year-old is back in the United States following an outstanding performance in Japan, and he is openly requesting that ballclubs give him a look. Although Bauer has not yet secured a contract comparable to his three-year, $102 million agreement with the Dodgers, he is getting closer. Bauer was born in Los Angeles and is now a vlogger.

Bauer says he'll pitch against Yankees for Mexican team in exhibition game  |

“On March 24, I’ll be pitching for the @diablosrojosmex against the @Yankees. Since it’s the best way for me to keep ready to throw, I’ve also committed to pitch five games for the Diablos between April 11 and May 8, in place of the customary spring training time. By doing this, I can maintain my game shape and be ready to go into a rotation as soon as an MLB offer is made. I’m excited to show you all what Mexican baseball is all about and hope to see you on Sunday.” – Trevor Bauer

Trevor Bauer pitching for Mexican team vs. Yankees searching for MLB return

As mentioned on his official X account, on March 24 in Mexico City, Bauer will be taking the field with the Diablos Rojos, a Mexican team that is playing the New York Yankees. This will be the first match between the two clubs since the Diablos last played the Bombers in 1968. The Diablos are one of the oldest teams in the Mexican League.

Bauer, for his part, refrained from giving any further information on the conditions of his purportedly brief agreement with the Diablos Rojos. Trevor Bauer hopes to make up for his previous performances even though he is cleared of the vile charges that initially led to his suspension and is qualified to play in Major League Baseball.