Clark has been accused of disrespecting Indiana Fever teammates.

Caitlin Clark's true personality came through around her teammates on...

In recent weeks, Caitlin Clark has been the target of accusations that she is a bad teammate. As the noise grew louder, Clark’s rare appearance in a TikTok video around her Indiana Fever teammates at the pool brought new evidence to the debate for everyone to see.

Caitlin Clark labeled a bad teammate

The video comes from the TikTok account of Lexie Hull, one of many Fever players who have drawn dirty looks, eye rolls and shoulder shrugs from Caitlin Clark as the struggling franchise battles highs and lows in her first WNBA season.

It’s more than a social media rumor. Even Clark’s best friend and former teammate for four years at Iowa, Kate Martin, undermined her leadership traits in a controversial interview. Tensions have also run high between Clark and Indiana head coach Christie Sides, whose rotations and late game plays have not involved the No. 1 pick as much as she or her fans would prefer.

Evidence piled up against Clark, but it all came from what people could see on the court. Less is known about the rookie’s off-court persona, save for her tailored image in countless ads for State Farm, Gatorade, Nike and other brands. Fans have little to go judge from thanks to her limited use of her personal social media accounts.

Clark plays ‘mermaid’ at the pool

That is, until Hull posted a video of the Fever girls playing at the pool, which included a rare public appearance for Clark on TikTok. “Do you want to play mermaids?” Hull asks Clark, to which she responds with two thumbs up and a gleeful, “yeah!”

The rules of the game were hard to make out, but Caitlin seemed to have a great time jumping in and out of the pool, and her fans took notice.

“This video is such a gift,” said one popular comment on TikTok.

“CC having fun with y’all is something we all needed to see,” echoed another.

The two most-liked responses reflected the disbelief in seeing a video of the Fever guard at all. “CAITLIN IN A TIKTOK,” they said.

Debates about Clark go deeper


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Clark’s on-court persona is competitive to the point of being cut throat, with critics building a case that she is a bad teammate to play with. But the rare video gives her sympathizers a piece of evidence of the team’s good relationship off the court.

Now, it’s less of a one-sided narrative and more of a two-sided debate. Like everything with Caitlin Clark, don’t expect the noise to simmer down any time soon.