Caitlin Clark has been the focal point of countless conversations this season.

Her back-to-back record-setting has entirely changed the way fans look at college basketball, and for her, it’s not just about winning, but also leaving an everlasting mark with her all-so-awesome moves.

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Now, shedding light on her firey ambition her teammates have gathered and they are having fun while they talk about Clark’s on-court competitive spirit which she balances with her locker room affection towards her teammates.

Caitlin Clark is getting T’d up?

Things took a hilarious turn in a recent interview when Caitlin Clark’s teammate Gabbie Marshall spilled the beans on how competitive Clark can get while practicing.

As she puts it, “She wants to win she hates losing, so that’s where that comes into play the technicals and just I don’t know our managers are refs at practice and so that can kind of get out of hand they’re horrible at ring,” taking a funny jab on the teams managers.

However, she also expressed how loving and caring Clark is in the locker room and that Clark’s competitiveness is limited to the court only, “but then like she’s so goofy and fun and loving in the locker room and just on off the court so I think think it’s good that she has that balance.”

Similarly, Clark’s teammate Kate Martin too had some supporting comments on their managers saying,  “Yeah I agree with everything Gabby said I mean I I can understand her frustration because our managers are not good refs at all so but it is it’s fun whenever we can all go into the locker room if you get into like a competitive little tiff or whatever and then in the locker room you’re just fun and loving right away again so uh we can have that balance and uh you know know that we love each other at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter what happens out on the court,” stating that their bond as teammates is much more special than how they play on the court in practice.

But, this can’t be denied, Clark is a competitive athlete and this trait of hers has led her to so many remarkable accolades this season despite not winning last season’s national championship.

However, this is not a flaw, rather it’s her superpower that keeps her going.

As a bountiful scorer, Clark’s competitiveness is common knowledge among fans.

Moreover, her relentless drive and determination have projected her to re-write college basketball history by registering her name in the novel record books, making her an all-time leader in points and assists in the history of the NCAA.

This competitiveness can be compared with other remarkable athletes, for example, LeBron James arguing for a call, Tom Brady or Novak Djokovic venting out their frustration intensely.

Similarly, Clark’s fire sets her apart as she puts it, “I’m competitive. I’m fiery. That’s how it is.”

This is the hunger that keeps all the best athletes pushing themselves beyond the limits, while many, perhaps, agree to settle for less.