Jason Whitlock has blunt take on South Carolina HC Dawn Staley.

Following South Carolina’s victory over Iowa in the NCAA championship game, head coach Dawn Staley found herself in the spotlight for her postgame comments from the podium.

Jason Whitlock has blunt take on South Carolina HC Dawn Staley

She thanked God for her third championship and also acknowledged the $3.4 million NIL-valued (per On3) Caitlin Clark’s contribution to promoting women’s basketball.

These comments from Staley drew criticism from Jason Whitlock, who is known for his blunt takes on his show “Fearless.”

He called Staley’s tears “crocodile tears” and pointed out that Staley could’ve supported Clark earlier in the season but she chose to remain silent until after securing the championship.

“Dawn Staley run out here, pretend like, continue this gimmick that you love god and that you know Caitlin Clark is great,” Whitlock said.

“You know how long ago Dawn Stalye could’ve told everybody, “Hey, get up off Caitlin Clark’s back”.

Do you know how long ago she could’ve done that? But she waited until after she won the championship.”

“Caitlin Clark gets abused all season, everybody’s trying to diminish her, Dawn Staley is quiet.

Now that I got my championship, now god is good… and god answers all prayers and all,” Whitlock continued.

“You was favorite long before you won your first championship, and this is your third, and that you for all these crocodile tears on your third championship.

You’re more emotional about a third championship? You’ve lost one game in two years.

Now you’re like … this is the proof of how good god is. Had you lost, what would you have said?,” he added

Indeed, Caitlin Clark faced a lot of abuse throughout her college career. Despite all that, she never stopped and broke several records to etch her name in history.

She averaged 31.6 points, 7.4 rebounds and 8.9 assists per game this season.

Moreover, she also became the NCAA Division I all-time leading scorer and Naismith women’s player of the year 2024 twice.

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Caitlin Clark WNBA Draft Projection Updates

After an impressive college career, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Caitlin Clark, who declared for the WNBA Draft 2024, is expected to go first overall by the Indiana Fever.

At Fever, she would team up with last year’s top choice, Aliyah Boston, who formerly played for South Carolina. This will form an excellent duo in Indianapolis. The draft is slated for April 15 in New York City.

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